Shiatsu and spiritual mentoring

connectionAmy’s goal as a Shiatsu therapist is to restore energetic balance and support the flow of life force energy in the body; as a spiritual mentor, she helps you to explore how Spirit might be moving in your life. Do you see how they’re related?

The connections between Spirit, mind and body are numerous and multidimensional. Amy works at the forefront of a new paradigm that recognizes Spirit's influence on the mind, and mind's influence on the body. Spirit, mind, and body have their own vibrational frequencies — and the key to spiritual, mental, and physical health lies in the harmonious flow of each. Living consciously in the body requires optimal emotional flow, with the recognition and presence of Spirit as a guiding force.

Modern science has now confirmed that which was previously intuited — that chronic stress harms the heart, the immune system, the digestive system, and indeed the chemistry of your entire body. Amy believes that the stronger and more meaningful your sense of spiritual connection, the more balanced and peaceful your mind and body will be.

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