shiatsuEnergy work: it’s all about physics

Shiatsu is based on a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that recognizes a universal energy field. TCM works on the premise that everything in the universe, including the human body, contains aspects of this universal energy, or chi. In short, TCM views everything as connected to everything else. What the ancient Chinese intuited is now recognized by many modern physicists as the "unified field." This field is composed of elementary particles and is expressed, in part, as electromagnetic energy.

Keeping the body healthy requires a balanced energy flow. It's all physics, really: energy flows into the body to refresh and enliven it, and then moves out allowing new energy to come in. Energetic imbalances result from emotional stress, physical stress, or from external causes. Restoration and maintenance of balanced energy flow is one of Shiatsu's major goals. Shiatsu follows the same points and chi energy lines used in acupuncture, using finger pressure, thumbs, or elbows. It is highly restorative, healing, and enlivening – all at the same time.

How can Shiatsu help me?

Shiatsu is a mind/body treatment, and each session begins with a brief assessment. Because each chi line, or meridian, is associated with an emotional state, we may talk for a few minutes to discover what underlying factors might be at work. Shiatsu recognizes the concept of "cellular memory" and treatments often help to release emotional blockages that you hold in your body. But Shiatsu also offers wonderful relief from simple muscle pain, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation. Amy combines Shiatsu with Thai massage techniques for gentle stretching, toning, and calming effects. Whether you’re looking for relief from muscle tightness or pain, energetic or emotional imbalance, or simply seek to relieve stress, Shiatsu can help.

For your shiatsu treatments, please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Many people are happy that they don’t need to disrobe or leave covered in oil or heavy cream. We work in a warm, comfortable environment, on a large floor mat with a sheepskin covering. Gentle music accompanies each session, which lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.