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An ancient practice, spiritual mentoring is about exploring the mystery of being human and occurs in all wisdom traditions. Spiritual mentoring is a time-honored term for a relationship in which one person consults a teacher about ways in which God, Spirit, or Universal Source may be touching her or his life. Through companionship and contemplation, a spiritual mentor helps foster the transcendent experience that is beyond all naming, yet also belongs in the everyday world. Ultimately, the purpose of spiritual mentoring is to help the seeker live in peace, with compassion for themselves as well as for others in their life.

We’ll help you find your own path

Spiritual mentoring isn’t reserved for only the pious few. As the 13th century mystic Rumi said, "There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth." Each person's relationship with Spirit is unique. The only requirement for those who seek spiritual mentoring is to be human.

Spiritual mentoring is not about becoming a perfect person; it’s about learning to allow things to be as they are, resting in awareness, and then taking the appropriate action if necessary. Spirit has made us what we are and Spirit accepts us in whatever form we are.

As opposed to counseling or psychotherapy, a spiritual mentor does not diagnose mental health conditions or offer psychological counseling. Amy may recommend a counselor if you both feel it might be a helpful adjunct to your search for Spirit.

And work together to guide you on your journey

Each session is unique unto itself, but we will work from a foundation of forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. Emotions and thoughts have energetic qualities and forgiveness is an emotion that is central to freedom and healing. Within this foundation we will explore questions you bring about your overall life, your relationships, hopes, desires, fears, or any other topics that inspired you to seek guidance. We may explore patterns of emotional energy that are blocking movement. We may use the Zen tarot as a catalyst to shift perspective on an issue. We may meditate. Our work will allow you to move more easily through your life situation in a safe, clear, and more informed way.

Before a session, it is important to prepare by sitting quietly for a few minutes to allow what needs healing to present itself. You may wish to bring a list of questions or concerns that have arisen in your life. As we progress, it may be the case that what seems to be a problem or challenge can be seen in a new light.