The Harpswell Institute

The Harpswell Institute began as a conversation over a decade ago as Amy was feeling her way through a deep need to create a place that combined physical well-being with emotional and spiritual healing.  While working with Shiatsu clients Amy repeatedly saw a link between spiritual and emotional health, and bodily vitality. But Amy didn't want to just "fix" people, she wanted to help people help themselves.  Looking for ways to meld science and spirituality, Amy embarked on a journey whose path was not clearly marked.  In one vivid, early dream, Amy was told she had won a full scholorship to a traditional university.  Reluctantly, she turned it down as she knew her education had to come from a place yet unnamed, and off the beaten path.   Other dreams followed and teachers appeared, including Dr. Zoe Marae who is known for her work on emotional energy patterns.  Amy studied with Dr. Marae for four years.  A  chance conversation led Amy to Atlantic University, a school for transpersonal studies founded by psychic healer Edgar Cayce.  Feeling she had found her place, Amy obtained a Master's Degree from A.U. with a speciality in spiritual mentoring.

 The Harpswell Institute is founded on a belief in collaborative healing.  Amy's goal is to help you help yourself.  Why?  Because you hold within the knowledge for your own healing.  Collaborative healing recognizes that your personal challenge contains it's own seeds for growth, that you are unique, and that your search for wholeness is instinctive. Amy's role is to join you on your path, guiding, supporting, and ultimately helping you to become free.  

A companion on your journey: Amy Naylor Haible

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Amy says, “I talk a lot about the journey, or life’s path. Like many, I have seemed to learn the most when the old ways don’t work anymore and I find myself struggling — I’ve often come to whatever wisdom I hold, kicking and screaming – that life isn’t fair, that I shouldn’t have to do this. But in the end, working with Spirit has saved me. We live in a world that doesn’t hold much value for introspection — but finding one’s truth doesn’t come from ‘out there;’ it comes from within. In the end, this is the only thing that matters. The Buddha tells us, ‘start building your boat early.’ I guess you could say my purpose is to help you build your boat.”

A natural teacher who combines spiritual traditions with metaphysics and mysticism, Amy will support you as you deepen your connection with Spirit and its power to guide you toward meaningful answers to life’s deepest questions. Amy listens with discernment. The guidance she offers will be soundly based in her own spiritual practice and experience. As a life-long seeker herself, Amy understands the confusion and dis-ease you may be feeling. She has been there herself, and that is why she has made the commitment to help you find your own way.

Amy has lived in Maine for more than 30 years. She holds a B.A. from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, a Master’s in Urban Planning from George Washington University, and Master’s in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University. A member of Spiritual Directors International and the American Massage Therapy Association, she has been published in a wide array of journals and is the author of Extreme Abundance: Exceptional Human Experiences Among Maine Fishermen.

We’ll meet in sacred space

The name of The Harpswell Institute reflects both the natural beauty of the Maine coast as well as a sanctuary for healing, learning, and teaching. The Harpswell Institute offers you beautiful gardens in summer and a seat by a warm fire in winter. Whether you come for spiritual mentoring, a Shiatsu treatment, or a combination of both, our natural surroundings inspire peace and serenity. Whether we sit among the flowers in summer, take tea by the fire in winter, or stretch tired muscles on the Shiatsu mat, all will be done with you in sacred space.

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