Coming in October/November at the C.G. Jung Center: Spiritual Reality's Inner Logic

Program:  Understanding the Grand Design: Spiritual Reality's Inner Logic, by Joachim Wolf

Where: The Jung Center: 183 Park Row, Brunswick

When: Sundays, October 18, November 1, 15, and 29. Time: 1-3pm

Program summary:

What is the invisible reality of spirit?  How does it relate to time and space?  Who are we, as individuals within the Divine Mind?  These questions and many more will be explored together as we read physicist Joachim Wolf’s book Understanding the Grand Design. The nature of the universe, and our place in it, has been the subject of ageless debate.  But now modern science, and particularly the field of quantum physics, has begun to bridge the gap between the ancient “truths” of spirit and modern views of reality.  Considered by many to be of the best books written on the subject, Wolf’s work is highly readable and understandable without being overly scientific or esoteric. The discussion group will meet four times, every other week.   Participants are asked to read each section beforehand and come prepared to explore its contents together.  Be prepared to shift the way you perceive your ‘reality’!  (Book is available at  To register, contact: 

Susan Bauer
C.G. Jung Center
183 Park Row
Brunswick, Maine 04011