The Metaphysics of Emotion: A Two-Part Series

The Metaphysics of Emotion is a two-part series offered by Amy on an ongoing basis.  Reviews from past attendees include comments such as "top notch," "deeply informative", "I learned something new. and I think differently about my emotions now."  Amy will be teaching this series in November, on Tuesday the 18th and 25th from 3 - 5pm., at Vast Horizons in Yarmouth.  Vast Horizons is located in the Sparhawk Mill, 81 Bridge Street.  To register, contact Amy at or Audrey at  Cost for classes is $65.  Single classes are $35.  

Part I: This class introduces the metaphysics of emotional energy patterns. It is a combined format of lecture, experiential learning, sharing and discussion. Four principles of emotional energy patterns are presented that will change the way attendees think about and experience their emotions. Participants are encouraged to view their world as a series of moments of attraction for which they become increasingly responsible. We share an experience of the body as a form of electromagnetic communication that allows us to place ourselves in optimal flow. This is a class for all levels and will appeal to anyone interested in exploring aspects of their emotional flow, and spiritual growth.

Part II: Class two briefly reviews the four principles of emotional energy patterns and then moves directly into a model of attraction, mirroring, and emotional energy flow. A simple pattern of energy flow is presented and participants are encouraged to share and discuss their own experiences. We discuss how modern concepts of chaos theory support the concept of flow and why we have been historically unable recognize flow patterns until the present. Implications for the future are discussed.  For a more complete description of this class, or to book a class, please contact Amy.