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September 8, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 251

September 8, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 251


What is sin? This is the underlying subject of the next ten lessons. Sin. The word is full meaning, different according to tradition. But it is almost always associated with punishment, debasement, and the violation of God’s will. A Course in Miracles uses none of this language. Sin requires an attack on Source but Source cannot be vulnerable to attack and, as aspects of Source, neither can we. It’s just not possible. What could be outside All That Is to attack It?


The idea of sin is part of an inherited belief system that has limited our knowing of our Self. It is not in congruence with Divine Will that Knows we are One with It. How can I know who I am in truth when I am operating from ideas that are misaligned for my own growth?


The time to claim dominion over our own minds has come. The burdens of guilt and shame no longer serve humanity. It is time to release the ideas that we are separate bodies and separate minds. All of this now needs to be cleared, changed, and transformed. We are One Mind, one Self, having the illusory experience of separation and we must wake up together. The truth is we are forgiven the moment we forgive. This is the lesson for today:


“I need nothing but the truth.”


There is no sin. I am still as Source created me, which is in Oneness with you and everything that is before me. I receive all that I give because all that is given is given to my Self. God cannot be attacked except in dreams. We cannot attack each other except in dreams.


We require nothing but the truth about ourselves. We are big enough to take it! We create our own reality because get this: we are one Divine Self embodying as separate forms with seemingly separate consciousness – all of which are mirrors of mirrors of One Self. And Love is underneath it all. Yield to forgiveness and be unbound. The truth is, creation remains unchanged. Creation remains unchanged. Creation remains unchanged.


On the hour, free yourself of the idea of sin. Self-deceit is no longer possible. We need nothing but the truth. We ARE nothing but Truth. We cannot be anything else.



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