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September 7, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 250

September 7, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 250


“Let me not see myself as limited.”


The only thing this lesson asks is that I see the truth about myself. And the truth is, I do not know what I am.  Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs are often unconscious, or so ingrained I no longer question them.   They rise to the surface and tell me I can or can’t do, or be something, and I simply accept it. 


How can I be in my own knowing when I am operating from truths that are misaligned to my requirements for growth?  How can I be in my knowing of my Self when on a truly conscious level I “think” instead of know?  I think I am supposed to look a certain way or have a certain kind of spouse, or income, or health condition - or not?  I think what I think I should, and I am never in touch with my own knowing.


All of us act on an inherited belief system the purpose of which is to maintain the status quo through limitation.  We are using this outmoded belief system to gain approval or to coast unquestioningly along in slight discomfort because we cannot consciously imagine a life outside the inherited system of belief.  What is at stake is our own freedom.


Are you willing to sacrifice your soul’s growth for an investment in a belief system that says you cannot know your Self?  A system that says you will be punished for questioning and learning?  We don’t believe we are unlimited because we have been told we are.  We have been told we are limited because if we really knew how powerful we are, we would be unstoppable. 


We believe others can rise in consciousness but we cannot.  We are in group agreement on this planet that we are diminished, that we are not God consciousness.  Time to stop playing dumb.  Empowerment is not playing nice.  It is real.  It is active and it requires us to act.  The actions that are required are at the soul level and they demand courage and trust in our own divinity.  It is only darkness that wants us to feel inferior. 


Do not reinforce your limitations today.  All systems created out of fear or lack or sin are made in darkness and keep us there.  On the hour, say to your self, “I am not limited.  I am choosing now to acknowledge myself as an aspect of Source.  I am One with Source and with all my brothers and sisters seen and unseen around me.”  Then look around at all that is in your view and feel the truth of your words. This is your knowing.


If you can, give yourself at least 15 minutes of quiet contemplation today.  Release yourself from world of limitation and travel to the inner mind where peace abides and knowing lives.


Happy Labor Day, dear reader.  Strange isn’t it, that we need to labor at all? Consider the lilies of the field......



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