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September 28, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 271

September 28, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 271


“What is the Christ?”  This question and its answer form the theme for the next ten lessons that will take us into October. To understand what the Christ is, I want to review A Course’s teaching about how the world was “made” because the world and the Christ are fully entwined.


A Course teaches that the world is a thought projection created by our own collective unconscious mind. What was in this collective mind, on a massive metaphysical level, was the terrible unconscious guilt we felt over the initial thought of separation from Source. Of course, separation from Source is impossible, but the guilt over having the thought seemed real. Appearing to be real, the guilt was unbearable and so it was projected outward. Now, when you deny something in yourself, it has to go somewhere. Where did it go? Into the world we see around us.


When something is denied and projected outward, it is forgotten. This is why we do not recognize the world and all that is in it as our own creation. The simple truth is, you actually made what you’re looking at, but then you forgot, and now you’re taking it for ‘reality.’


“What is the Christ?” The Christ is the metaphysical remembrance of the Self we all share. Christ is a frequency of thought that is in total congruence with Source. It is the correction to the massive, metaphysical, unconscious thought of separation, and it is the only part of each of us that has any basis in Reality. The lesson for today is:

Christ's is the vision I will use today.


Each day, each hour, every instant, we are choosing. We have spent lifetimes making the choice to look at the world and see it as outside our self. It takes practice to look at the world as One. “Christ’s is the vision I will use today.”


The recognition of Oneness reverses all the laws of the world. Holiness is beyond all time and space, distance and limits of any kind. Forgive this world, forgive your self for imagining it is real, and move into your new becoming. Spiritual sight is done at the level of the mind. What do you see today?



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