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September 27, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 270

September 27, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 270


“Nothing I see in the room, from this window, in this place, means anything.”

“I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.”

“ I do not understand anything I see.”


These are the first three lessons of the Workbook for A Course in Miracles.  As you can tell, the idea that we do not really “see” is fundamental.  Here we are, 270 lessons later, and the idea that we do not “see” is still paramount to learning. 

“I will not use the body’s eyes today.”

Okay.  I’m not going to walk around blindfolded but I am willing to allow some confusion.  I am willing to question the fundamental reality of what I see. Perhaps I will remember that all I see before me is nothing more than atoms and molecules vibrating at a speed that makes them appear solid.  Perhaps I will remember that if I enlarged the nucleus of one of those atoms, the closest electron spinning around it might be over a mile away.  Perhaps I will consider that everything is light.

As I look around at the world, perhaps I will remember that most of what I see is empty space.  And every ounce of meaning it has is based on my own perception, most of which has been formed by past experience.  I truly see nothing new, except in those rare moments when I am stopped short by something and my mind is released from all past associations and judgment

“I will not use the body’s eyes today.”

I have many other senses available to me today.  I will hear first and then see.  I will touch first and then understand.  I will know through intuition before I categorize or label.  I will truly smell the air and then decide what kind of day it is. 

“I will not use the body’s eyes today.” I am willing today, to see all that is before me as my Self, for that is truth.  Today, I see my Oneness.  In seeing my Oneness, I am beginning to understand.  The whole world is inside my mind and there is nothing outside of it. I give it all the meaning it has for me.



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