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September 25, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 268

September 25, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 268


“Let all things be exactly as they are.”


“Now everybody get this:  You don’t have to fight.  You can allow.  Allow, allow, allow.” –Paul Selig, The Book of Love and Creation.


It is wise to be prepared.  But just as there is a difference between judgment and discernment, so too is there a difference between manifesting from fear and creating from calm awareness.


I am free to walk upstream if I want to.  I can enjoy the feel of the water against my legs with each step.  This might give me the feeling of being in control, of knowing where I am in the flow.  But it’s tiring and in truth, I’m just seeing the same old landscape I saw when I was coming downstream.


I am also free to step off the river-bank and go into the water, lie down, and let it carry me where it will.  I can float like a little twig in the flow.  Sometimes I bump into another twig or have to move around a stone.  I join with other twigs side by side as streams converge and the waters get bigger.  Eventually, I may come to the ocean and float there –who knows? 


I can walk upstream if I want to.  But this assumes I know that what is downstream is something I don’t want.  And really, I don’t know what’s downstream.  None of us does.  If I choose to become the twig, I have to trust.  Today’s lesson says, “YES.  TRUST!”


Today would be well spent by being aware of your resistance.  Notice and ask yourself, “What am I resisting and when?  How does it feel when I make the choice not to resist?  What happens when I stop fighting and allow?” 


This is all we have to do, really.  Just allow.  This doesn’t mean we don’t prepare or think ahead.  I bought wood for this winter in June.  The chickadees have been hiding seeds since July.  But every minute we have the choice to resist or allow. 

What will you allow today?  What will you resist?  


Before you go to sleep tonight, review your day, and ask yourself, “What did I allow?  What happened when I allowed?”  Then close your eyes and allow yourself to sleep in the same perfect safety with which you allowed today.  



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