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September 24, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 267

September 24, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 267


“My heart is beating with the peace of God.”


There are those who will read this lesson and say, “Yes.  This is true for me.  Today, I am at peace.”  And there are others who look at the words on the page and think, “No, I am not at peace.  And the fact that I am not, when the words say I should be, makes me even less so.”   


If today’s lesson is easy for you, then relish it.  Remember the way peace feels, for there will be other days when you will forget.  But if you are among those who don’t feel the peace of God today, then know this lesson is for you.  Above all, do not feel guilty that you are not at peace.  Do not make the achievement of peace a burden. 


We are meant to be happy but this does NOT mean we have to put on a happy face for God.  Do you think Oneness doesn’t know all Its aspects?  Our calling here is not to hide but to devote ourselves, with active willingness, to the bringing forth of guilt and shame in all their forms.  To achieve our calling, we must bring all to light.  So, if I am not at peace, it is a clarion call that something hidden wishes to come forth and be seen.   My job is to bring it forth to be healed with forgiveness. 


“My heart is beating with the peace of God.”  I do NOT need to deny myself the relinquishment of guilt and fear.  I DO need to understand the hidden belief that I will be lied to or betrayed if I offer myself to God.  I need to see this fear in all its forms and forgive it.


“My heart is beating with the peace of God. “  I am choosing now to release all that lies between my self and peace.  I am forgiving my self and all around me in my awareness that this world is healed in Love and only Love is Real. 


“My heart is beating with the peace of God.”  I choose to take time today in silence.  I choose to go inward and feel what is in my heart.  I will breathe.  I will allow and allow and allow.  And forgive all that is not at peace. 



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