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September 21, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 264

September 21, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 264


“I am surrounded by the Love of God.”

My mother was determined I should have the sweater.  “I like it, but I don’t need it,” I told her.  It was one of those Norwegian things, and way too expensive.  In her later years, my mother expressed her affection for those she loved by buying them stuff. It seemed unnecessary to me, but she was not to be deterred.  “Now, when you wear it, you’ll know I have my arms around you,” she explained.

At the time, the thought of having my mother’s arms around me through a sweater felt claustrophobic.  But as the years have passed since her death, I look at that cardigan and feel my heart warm.   It can be a delicate balance, this thing called love. And how strange it is that with her gone, I can feel her with me now more than ever.  I never needed the sweater at all.

This is Love.  Its power surpasses death.  It is the only thing we take can take with us when we leave physical form.  And it is the only thing we can leave behind for those who remember us.  Yet how little time we spend cultivating it.

This is a day to recognize the Love that sparkles just beyond our vision and is present in all things.  We are always surrounded by it, but too often blind to it.   This is the day to cultivate our perception of Love, and in so doing, our own power, for true power lies in Love.  Not the flimsy romantic stuff, but the knowing that we are Love, and that Love created us in likeness to Itself. 

“I am surrounded by the Love of God.”  Today, I will not shrink from Love or deny it in others.  I will surrender myself to Its authority.  I will forgive when I forget to love and then I will Love again.  All things I see before me, the sounds I hear, and every face I look upon, are my own in Love.  This is the way we come to know ourselves as God.  This is way we save the world. 



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