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September 2, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 245

September 2, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 245


There is a central idea to this week’s lessons and it is that the world and everything in it is created by a mind that fears its Source.  Understand the logic of this idea and all else falls into place.  This is the great secret – the world exists in our mind and not the other way around.  And we have fear in our world only because we have fear in our mind. 

Each of us is an aspect of consciousness identifying in physical form.  But form is not our natural state.  Form is limited and vulnerable.  The fact is, the container of form cannot hold all that we are – and on some level we recognize this is so.  We must get beyond the insane identification only with physical form, and this means we must face our fear while IN form.

Today’s lesson is:  “Your peace is with me, Father.  I am safe.”

Source has made each of us safe always.  We are free to fear all we want.  We are free to completely identify with the body.  No one can change our mind for us.  But Truth is true and it is always true: we are eternal aspects of One Mind, forever free, forever loved and loving.  We remain always as God created us.

We have trained our minds to live in fear.  We alone can train our minds to live without it.  On the hour today, re-mind your self that peace is your natural state.  When I know my own peace, I share it with you and thus double my safety and yours.  We are safe in Mind of God; fear is the stranger here.  Fear does not exist in the Mind of God and we exist in the Mind of God.

Give yourself the gift of silent contemplation today.  Take 15 minutes to sit in peace with the idea of complete and total safety.  Safety lies within, which is where everything begins and ends.  Relax the body.  Be mindful of the breath.  Say as often as you need to, “God’s peace is with me.  I am safe.”

Go in peace today.  Share your peace and safety, not by speaking it but by living it.

Many, many blessings, dear reader.



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