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September 12, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 255

September 12, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 255


The power of dreams goes unrecognized in much of the world. This is a great loss.  Dreams offer access to information inaccessible in the waking life.  For example, in dreams I experience emotions unlike anything I feel in the ‘awake’ state.  And the depth of my dream feeling is very often more profound than waking feeling.

This morning I had the dream experience of watching a thought form move as a stream of white/blue light, attach itself to a ball of energy, and then begin to spin.  It came to me in ‘knowing’ that this is how ideas become reality. I ‘saw’ how thought moves sub-atomic and atomic particles.  I also ‘knew’ that when thought is in alignment with the frequency of higher mind, it moves unimpeded, and its manifestation is almost effortless.

Beyond dreams, in waking life, manifestation is not so effortless.  Much of our thought content is about resistance and control.  We do not flow with what is; rather we seek to change what we do not like.  Resistance and control thoughts are weighted. They do not make manifestation easy.  In fact, being in bodily form is itself a resistance thought.  It is a material representation of the idea of separation from Source.

I know how easy it is to dismiss all of this in waking life.  Life awake is a powerful draw out of ‘knowing’ and into a world of responding.  Responding, reacting, planning, and achieving in the material world is NOT ‘knowing’ – these are modes of thinking and the two are not the same.  This is another lesson of dreams – the experience of the difference between knowing and thinking. 

The idea of knowing is rooted in a feeling of peace.  But like the word “joy”, the word peace is overused.  Being overused it has lost its meaning.  Just as joyfulness doesn’t require jumping up and down, peacefulness doesn’t require lethargy.  Joy can be expressed as supreme contentment in much the same way peace can be expressed as quiet power. Peace also has the energy of manifestation for we make manifest even in the quiet power of sleep. 

Today’s lesson is about the power of peace.   “This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.”  Peace is a choice and choice IS power.  Knowing I can choose peace is one of the most powerful forms of thought I can have because it is in alignment with higher mind.  Do you see how powerful dreams can be?

Today, have faith in the power of your choice – and be mindful about your choices.  Remember on the hour that peace is yours if you decide to choose it.  Peace is not sitting and chanting “Ohm.”  Peace is an idea!  It is the idea that I am free to choose. It is remembering not to be in resistance to what is and then creating from that moment into the next.  In peace is how creation happens!

On the hour today, remember peace is a choice.  Peace does not have to be a state of perfection or passivity.  Peace can be a sense of knowing one’s own power, of standing in silent acknowledgment of one’s own perfect safety, even as the world around appears to spin out of control.

“This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.”



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