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October 6, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 279

October 6, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 279

“Creation’s freedom promises my own.”

All day we are surrounded by lack of freedom.   We hear it in the news. We experience it is the work place. We see it in our neighbor and our friend.  We know it in our families who tell us with adamant conviction that they are not free and neither are we.   We define ourselves through self-imposed limitation.

But A Course is adamant that we reclaim our sovereignty.  “The first in time means nothing, but the First in eternity is God the Father, Who is both First and One.  Beyond the First there is no other, for there is no order, no second or third, and nothing but the First.” 

What does this mean?  It means that in the illusion of time, hierarchy exists.  Some are first and some are last.  In the illusion, some appear to win and some to lose.  But the truth is there is only the First, the One, the Source of All That Is, and there is nothing but That.  There is no hierarchy in the Mind of God.  And what is NOT in the Mind of Source CANNOT be.  It cannot be!  All lack of freedom is a lie of the small mind. 

Guiltlessness is the condition for knowing freedom.  My guiltlessness depends on seeing yours.   “Your brother’s guiltlessness is YOUR atonement. Grant it to him and you will see the truth of what you have acknowledged.

How do I practice seeing my brother and sister as guiltless when they do things like hang up on me, or project their hidden guilt in my direction?  How do I see myself as guiltless when I respond to them in anger?  There are so many triggers in a single day that limitation can appear to be the inevitable condition of being human. 

For my own part, I know freedom comes first from allowing.  And what I allow is endless.  I allow it all, no matter what form it takes.   And I watch myself allowing it.  I watch it and try to refrain from becoming it.  Sometimes I succeed.  Sometimes I fail.  I always know I’ve failed when I feel badly.  A lack of peace is a sure sign that I am placing limitation on myself or someone else.

“You need not understand creation to do what must be done before that knowledge would be meaningful to you.”  In other words, it is the experience that teaches, not knowing what the experiences should feel like before it happens.  I must allow that I do not know and be willing anyway.  I am willing to have faith before knowledge. I am willing the belief that all will be well, no matter what is before me in the moment.  I am willing to do what must be done - to see your guiltlessness and mine.  This does not mean I roll over for you or refrain from speaking my truth to you.  But I do so in full knowledge that you are me and whatever I say I am saying to my self.

Today, I grant your freedom.  I see you Whole and Complete.  I do not know Who I am when I cannot see your Oneness with me.  I am willing to stand in my knowing that God’s freedom promises my own. 



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