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October 30, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 303

October 30, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 303


The presence of Love is both a conscious knowing and a vibratory field. Love is the highest form of creation because it objects to nothing - knowing nothing is outside Itself.

Knowing I create my own reality I must ask, “What is it I am giving myself in my creation? What am I creating with, Love or fear?”


When I believe I am WORTHY of Love, and I begin to create FROM Love, everything changes. What I bring into material form is now an expression of the divine.

What I consider unworthy I am putting outside the jurisdiction of God. And what I put outside is very powerful because what I keep outside of God’s dominion are the very things that keep ME OUTSIDE. This is how I create in fear and not in Love. And the very things I decide I do not wish to see expressed as my creation become the very things I call to myself in fear and judgment. It's just physics. The equation has to balance.


This is why I MUST claim my divinity. I cannot create in Love without it. I MUST claim it as myself and then begin to create with it. The lesson today is a statement. It is a proclamation of your divinity. If it can be accepted, you can begin to truly create because what is created from fear doesn’t last. Only Love’s creations have staying power because they are aligned with Reality.


“The holy Christ is born in me today.”


This statement is a proclamation of my worth. It is not made with false piousness. It is not made in fear or in arrogance. It is a simple acknowledgement that I am still as Love created me. The holy Christ (or whatever you wish to call it) IS Love and the truth is - I have never been without it. I am only rediscovering what has always been there and I am reclaiming it for my self.


Love is a field surrounding this plane. It holds all the creative power I could ever imagine. Attending to this information is no more difficult than aligning to it. The practice of staying in alignment is our work on this plane. Forgiveness is a tool of alignment because it places nothing outside the field.


“The holy Christ is born in me." is the same as saying, "Love is what I am." It is allowing that I am in God’s dominion. Everything is within God’s Mind although I am free to deny it.


“What is not worthy of Love?” Too often the answer is, “Me.”


Claim the Love that is your self today. Claiming is a process, it doesn’t necessarily happen all at once. But once begun, it amplifies and aligns, which allows the claim to strengthen through experience. “What is not worthy of Love?” What are you giving yourself in your creation today?




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