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October 29, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 302

October 29, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 302


“Where darkness was I look upon the light.”


I will be blunt:  my husband is a snorer.  Not every night and not all night.  But most nights, especially when he’s lying on his back, his throat closes on the in-breath and it sounds like he’s being strangled to death.  This doesn’t bother him at all.  It drives me crazy. 


I’m sharing this by way of saying the lessons of A Course arrive at our doorstep all the time, wrapped in many different packages.  And asking myself, “What would the Christ do?” is not always helpful.  Somehow, I can’t imagine Jesus being regularly awaken by a snoring partner and having to ask yet again, “Honey, would you please turn on your side?”

It isn’t easy trying to be mindful when you’ve been woken for the 5th time in an hour. But it is a great time to practice.  Being mindful asks me to stay in the awareness that my partner is not purposefully “attacking” me and therefore no “defense” is required on my part.  He is not “guilty” of snoring, nor am I for asking him to turn over for the third time.  Being mindful means remembering to breathe MYSELF. 


When I am awakened it is always an opportunity to place awareness on my own breath.   When I focus inward, I forget to listen to the snoring and find a beautiful peace awaiting me within.  I love when that happens.  I really do.  It is a wonderful reminder that my mind belongs only to me.


The “Second Coming” is not about the arrival of some spiritual superhero.  It is about finding the superhero that lives in myself.   “Looking upon the light” is about finding the light in MY mind.  It’s about keeping the flame of mindfulness alive and immanent within.   


So, lying in the darkness next to my snoring husband I often find the light inside and am grateful to remember yet again.  It is the gift I give myself.  Because no one gives it to me, no one can take it from me either.  That’s when the feeling of gratitude comes in and my perception of things completely changes.  This is when KNOWING the truth of the lessons is recognized.  Like I said, the gifts are often packaged in strange ways.


Where darkness is, the light is also.  The light lies in a bed of forgiveness.  It walks beside us.  It IS who we are.  We forget and then we remember.  We remember, and then we forget.  Each disturbance today contains the same gift, which is the opportunity to remember again.  There is no guilt in forgetting and there are no limits to remembering. 



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