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October 27, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 300

October 27, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 300


“Only an instant does this world endure.”

Our perception of time is false at both the scientific and metaphysical levels.  Linear time is an illusion of 3 dimensional space; it is not a universal truth.  This is not a new idea but one that was first proposed by mathematician and physicist Hermann Minkowski. 

 In 1907, Minkowski discovered a mathematical model that combined space and time into a single continuum. He called his model “space-time” or the “space-time continuum.”  It has been used ever since to accurately describe and predict the uniform workings of the universe at both supergalactic and subatomic levels.  In space-time, all possible events exist concurrently, side by side. 

On a metaphysical level time is also described as non-linear.  The admonition to pay attention to the present moment, the “now”, is emphasized in nearly every spiritual tradition.   A Course in Miracles is no exception: 

“For NOW is the closest approximation of eternity this world can offer.  It is in the reality of NOW, without past or future, that the beginning of the appreciation of eternity lies.

The ego lives with guilt in the past and fear of the future.  It has no concept of a NOW that is free of each and that is why the ego cannot heal. 

“Healing cannot be accomplished in the past.  It must be accomplished in the present to release the future.  This interpretation ties the future to the present, and extends the present rather than the past.”

All healing begins in the NOW.  It involves the decision to step outside of linear time and release the past to the present moment.  And the present moment is always better than any past the ego can devise.  In this instant, I am alive.  In this instant, this world is perfect.  In this instant, all is well and nothing needs changing to be better, safer, “more” of anything.  It simply is as it is and all eternity lies within it. 

We are not our bodies and we are not “stuck” in linear time. This earth does not sit and contemplate its past.  The clouds that move upon the face of the earth, come and go. They do not contemplate the future or the past. The truism that “those who forget their past are condemned to repeat it” has limitation, for it is just as true that “those who will NOT forget their past ARE condemned to repeat it.”        

Only an instant does this world endure. “ It is in the reality of NOW that the beginning of the appreciation of eternity lies.  Can you stop whatever it is that you are doing and look around?  Take it in?  Smell it? Feel it?  Listen to it?  Release yourself to the healing of the present moment as often as you can. 



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