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October 15, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 288

October 15, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 288


Imagine you are a in a balloon and your greatest wish is rise as high as possible, so you can explore the whole world.  You see yourself floating easily above the highest peaks, witness to the beautiful life below.  It is perfectly safe in the balloon and the journey beckons, but there is a problem.  A number of sandbags are attached to the basket holding it down.  You probably know where I’m going with this.


The sandbags holding me down are nothing more than guilt, shame, and judgment – all of which are low frequency bundles of thought and emotion.  I cannot rise in spiritual frequency as long as I identify with these thoughts and emotions.  I want to rise.  What do I do?  I take a leap of faith and give them up.  What am I giving them up to?  A Course uses the term the “Holy Spirit” – but what the heck is that? 


The Holy Spirit is nothing more than the Self who knows its Oneness.  The Self is my Real Self.  It is the more significant part of me that knows it is joined in love with you.  I need not think to know this aspect of my Self.  I need not worry or strain to know this aspect of my Self.  Indeed, I need to NOT think, I need to NOT worry or strain.  I need to LET GO. 


“Let me forget my brother’s past today.”


Let me give up my brother’s past today and mine as well.  Let me give them both up.  Let me recognize I do not know, and my thoughts are meaningless BECAUSE I do not know. 


The concept I hold of my sister is not based on the truth.  In fact, the concept she holds of herself isn’t either, as long as she believes her guilt and fear are real.  Furthermore, her actions against me are based on her not knowing, and as long as I don’t know either, I will believe she CAN act against me.  Is this too complicated?


I have created all the illusions about myself, and my brother.  I have made every sandbag holding us down.  Today, I cut the ties by forgiving my sister, my brother, and my self, for not knowing. I take the leap of faith for all of us.


If you cannot take the leap today, try again tomorrow.  It isn’t always easy, and this lesson is not meant to gloss over anything.  Do not bury your grief! 


But if I want the freedom to explore the whole world I cannot be weighted down.  I want to know MY freedom and if that means giving up thoughts about your past, so be it.  All of this I do for myself now.  I do it in stillness and quietness.  I wrap my brother’s past up in a nice bundle and place it on the altar of the Holy Spirit.  What happens next is not my concern.  I have taken the leap of faith.



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