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November 30, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 334

November 30, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 334


Today, this last day of November, we enter the final month of lessons.  Today’s lesson asks us to make a claim of certain gifts – the gifts of forgiveness.

“Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.”


What are the gifts I receive through forgiving?  I know them most often through the daily experience of allowing. The act of forgiving shares many qualities with that of allowing.  So often, when I cannot do the deeper work of forgiving, I can step back and allow. Only later, when I see what simple allowing has done for me, do I realize forgiveness was truly warranted and would have been the bigger gift.


There are three basic ways most of us respond to a situation. The first is to go into “Tupperware” mode in which I curl up and hold it in.   This is not allowing.  It is a form of resistance through denial and shutting down.  It has many negative repercussions that often come up later in unconscious behavior or bodily illness.   

The second response is to “kick ass.”  In this mode I react by throwing my energy at the other person.  This is not forgiveness or allowing – it is a form of attack and I will almost certainly be attacked back.  Often things escalate and the original issue is lost to the chaos of unconscious emotion.

The third way of responding is to notice, stay open, trust, and allow.  Only then do I respond, which moves me into the next moment.  This is the way I claim the gift. The gift lies in the pure potential of the next unscripted moment.  By allowing, by not reacting, I get to sit back and see what comes up next.  Often the gift is revealed in the moments that follow and it always contains the element of peace.

The gifts forgiveness brings are unlimited because my experience is unlimited.  I forgive the dog for peeing on the floor.   I forgive myself for being impatient about it.  I forgive my partner for not bringing in the wood and making me do it again.  Every time I choose to allow, to notice my response, and to forgive it, I am leaving the door open for a new opportunity to show itself. 

Forgiveness is the grease in the machinery of life.  It is the only response that doesn’t shut things down and bring them to a grinding halt.  Forgiveness keeps all the balls in the air.  The gifts are unknown until they are received – sometimes at a later date.  Forgiveness is not a linear thing – it defies time.  I can forgive something in the past and it can change my experience of the present moment.  I can decide to allow something I know will happen in the future and alter the course of probable events. 

No one can claim the gifts forgiveness brings me but myself.  As I learn what they are, I find am content with nothing less.  



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