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November 28, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 332

November 28, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 332


“Fear binds the world.  Forgiveness sets it free.”

The ego makes illusions of fear and an unquestioned mind believes in every one of them.  Who is it that is afraid?  “I” am.  “I” who lives alone and vulnerable in “my” little body, separate and isolated from all other life.  It “I” who needs preservation and defense from all the other “I’s” who also believe they are separate and alone.

We worship the ego.   We love our separation.  We wallow in our specialness and want it even as it causes us to live in dreams of isolation.  You are you.  And I am I. It is impossible that we could share a mind.  And if we could, I would never want you to see what it is mine.  Nor would I be able to stomach what might be in yours. 

The grand illusion that it is desirable to be an “I” is the source of all our fear.  It is the “I” that needs control over “my” own life.  It is the “I” who lives in “my” body that must be defended against weather, time, illness, and death.  Every single thing we “work” for in this life is a defense against the loss of “I.” 

It can be confusing to pull aside the curtain of illusion.  If I am not this “I” then what am I?  I am rudderless without my sense of self!  And yet, if I accept the notion that everything is an idea, a product of my own thoughts, then a small sense of freedom creeps in and sits down beside me.  What if we really are all a single Mind at peace with its Self?  What if I am you, and also me, in love with our togetherness? 

We are not our egos.  We are not a mere collection of thoughts that shift and change depending on time and circumstance.  We are not our bodies and we are not our fears.  And we can and must forgive ourselves for the living the lie until this moment.  “Fear binds the world.  Forgiveness sets it free.”

As long as I awaken every morning on this earth, in this body, forgiveness will be my function.  What am I forgiving?  Every single thing my ego would prefer to not allow, and every single moment I do not recognize my sister as my self.  I live in the act of forgiving and I never tire of it.

I allow the hot water heater to fail and forgive myself for believing its demise could ruin my day.  I forgive my boss for forgetting who he is in truth and trying to pass his fear to me.  I forgive the “terrorist” who lives in terror himself and wants me to believe his own illusion even as he pulls the trigger in front of me.  I forgive my memories and expectations, and then I return to this moment, this exact moment, in which the past does not determine the future and I am free of it. 

I am not my ego and neither are you.  We are of this instant free together in forgiveness.  There is no conflict in the present.  It simply IS and I create it as I wish NOW and give up nothing but fear.  The only sacrifice is illusion, but I have to face my fear in every moment to see it, and know the freedom that lies just beyond. 



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