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November 24, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 328

November 24, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 328


“I choose the second place to gain the first.”


It is only in this dimension that hierarchy seems real.  Above this plane there is no second or third place; there is only One, and It holds both similarity and uniqueness together without any conflict. 


But this world is upside down.  What appears “good” promotes a sense of “better than” or “worse than.”  And with these comparisons separation is assured.  With separation comes guilt for no one can freely consider herself “better than” and not know the fear of someday being “worse.” 


In this upside down world, “better than” means freedom.  But freedom always requires defense.   Defense is necessary lest someone or something attempts to steal my autonomy.  A government, a law, a tax, a debt owed, an abusive partner, a sick body – all of these are threats against my autonomy.  Freedom must be battled for, and held tightly, lest it be taken away.  This is how the accumulation of power is defended and attack becomes a justified response.


If we are to change this world, and change it must, we have to rethink what freedom means - who deserves it, and how it is achieved.  This world is upside down and all its “laws” must be reconsidered.  We begin, as always, with our selves for that is how the world was made and continues to recreate itself – in the mind.


The freedom I seek lies in accepting the majesty of my own worth.  No one can accept it for me or take it away.  The freedom I have inherited, as a divine right, comes from a Creator who gives and never takes away.  I know my freedom when I am in alignment with the One who gave it to me.  And ONLY in this alignment am I in second place ever. 


There is really only one freedom, and that is freedom from fear.  I gain freedom from fear when I trust more in the Creator than in my own defenses.  I stand back, know my own majesty, and let myself reflect Creation.  “I choose the second place to gain the first.”


There is no punishment for knowing my own worth and there is nothing but freedom when I recognize yours.   This world is upside down.  Seen right side up, all is One.  There is no death.  Guilt remains unjustified.  Power is not over something or against anything and no defense is necessary.  When I know this in my own mind, I set myself free, and the world with it.   

Today is a day for liberation.  Rise above all that would entangle you through the knowing of your own worth and the worth of every living thing.  Imprison nothing and choose second place only insofar as it aligns your will with God’s. 



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