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November 15, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 320

November 15, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 320


“I came for the salvation of the world.”


 The elders have said we are the ones we have been waiting for.  And here are the things to be considered.  Where are you in your loving?  What are you doing?  What are your relationships? Are you in right relationship?  Are you in right relationship with your self?


Each of us was born to be in service to the Truth.  But we must know the Truth before we can be of service to it.  The Truth is we are all of noble birth.  There is no one who can live outside this Truth.  We are One Spirit, not male or female, not Christian or Muslim, not black or white, not diseased or healthy, not rich or poor, not educated or unlearned, not condemned wrong or right, and not guilty ever.


Unless I am under the illusion that I do not exist, I must know the Truth.  I am a creation of my Creator and the CREATION CANNOT ALTER THE CREATOR.  The Creator created in Love, like Itself, and loves Its creation.  The Truth is, I am the one I have been waiting for.

“I came for the salvation of the world.”


Being of God, I am here to know myself.  Knowing Who I Am is my salvation, and because we are One, I save the world in my Knowing.  When I am One with what God created, and imagine nothing opposite to God Itself, then I am participating in creation.  I am in right relationship and the waiting is over.


You came to know yourself.  You came to understand you are me, and I am you, and together we are One in Creation.  There is nothing else.   It is arrogance that believes there can be an opposite to Truth.  It is arrogance that says right relationship is impossible, limitation is real, that what you gain I must lose, that we are separate bodies and separate minds. 

What aim but right relationship could God have given us?  What but this could be the Will we share?  Know this Truth and you are in service to it.  Keep it alive within and let it inform your words and actions as best you can.  Be diligent with yourself but forgive all times when you forget.  One by one, step by step, this how we create the world we have been waiting for.    How long will it take?  When you are in right relationship, it is happening NOW.



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