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November 12, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 316

November 12, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 316

“All the gifts I give my brothers are my own.”

This is a lesson in direct causality.  I always receive what I give.  It may come later, in a different form.  I may very well not recognize it.  I almost certainly won’t if I am not mindful.  But it is a law of physics and of Love.  All the gifts I give my brothers are my own. 

If it seems that kindness is offered inconsistently to me, it is either that I am not offering kindness consistently myself, or I am not receiving what is being offered.  What is being offered may not always appear to be loving or kind, but it is always a request for love and kindness in return.   Wholeness lies in seeing the hidden request and granting it.

The decision to receive is the decision to accept.  The gift I accept is ‘whatever is in front of me.’  I receive my jealous co-worker and I accept her as she is.  This doesn’t mean I let her walk all over me but before I cast her aside I have to look inside.  She is either projecting something onto me, or I am projecting something unconsciously.  One of us is, and it may very well be me.  Either way, the only appropriate response is forgiveness. 

If I believe I understand the concept of Oneness then why do I not accept the other?  I have not learned my own worth or hers.  She cannot harm what is worthy of Source, nor can I.   I will not know my own wholeness until I see it everywhere - even in my co-worker who has not yet recognized it in her self.  Can I allow her mistake, knowing that if I respond to it in kind, I will only make it real?   When I make it real for her, I am making it real for myself.  Therefore, the gift of forgiveness is really my own as well as hers. 

So many gifts go unrecognized.  It isn’t easy to accept unkindness, pain, or disease as a gift.  It is easier to simply remember that I am invulnerable in truth, and every attack is a call for love – whether it is an attack by another human being or the body’s attack against itself. 

I cannot know how Oneness is unfolding in my moment.  The only sane response is to receive through acceptance and forgive if necessary.  In the act of forgiving, the recipient of forgiveness will always include my self.   This is a law of Love.  All the gifts I give my brothers are my own: the moment of eye contact, the offer of assistance, the willingness to listen fully, the decision not to judge. 



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