June 20, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 171


Lesson 171 begins another review period.  But this review has a different tone than all the others.   A Course in Miracles recognizes that what it asks of us is not always easy.  “Our footsteps have not been unwavering, and doubts have made us walk uncertainly on the road this course sets forth.”  Yet anyone who practices the daily lessons knows one thing:  they work.  They do not make us mindless, but mindful.  They do not encourage passivity, but active responsibility.  As we cross the halfway mark in this year of lessons, be willing to ask if this is true or not for you.

Ask for help as you sit in contemplation.  Most of the time, most of us forget to ask.  We value independence over interconnectedness, or we fear “going to the well” too many times.   But A Course in Miracles now asks us to make asking habitual. Love’s purpose IS to assist.  In assisting us, Love fulfills its function and in asking, we fulfill ours.  Dedicate your meditations to the One whose purpose is to help you find your way to peace.  Make your contemplation a gift to Source.  It will not go unwelcomed a thousand times.

The thought that surrounds this review period is:

“God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”

What a gift this thought is!  It answers the deepest question about what I am and what you are. Take this thought into your heart and mind and allow it set the tone for all you do today.

Practice for 15 minutes or longer in the a.m. and p.m. today.  Take your seat and be comfortable.  Close your eyes and settle into awareness of your body and the sounds around you.  Just notice without attaching to anything.  When you are ready, turn your attention gently to the breath.  Follow the breath as it happens naturally, with no effort at all.  When you are ready, say slowly and purposefully in your mind, 

“God is but Love and therefore so am I.”

  1. All things are echoes for the Voice of God.

“God is but Love and therefore so am I.”

  1. The power of decision is my own.

God is but Love and therefore so am I.”

Sit with these thoughts.  Ask Source to join you.  Feel each word in each idea and then allow your mind to go beyond them to the Source of their meaning.  Use the words to create an experience that truly cannot be described by words alone.  Source will show you the way.  The knowledge is in you already.  You are simply remembering something you forgot long ago. 

Give to yourself often this day as you remember, “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”