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June 11, 2015 A Course in Miracles: Lesson 162

June 11, 2015

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 162


Today’s lesson is:

“I am as God created me.”

To understand this lesson is to know who I truly am and perhaps more importantly, who I am not.  What I am is not visible to me in the mirror.  What I am can barely be imagined in my own mind.  One thing is certain:  if I believe myself to be my body, or even the brain within my body, I cannot even approach the reality of what I am.


I am nothing without you, for we share a Mind.  We are as God created us.  Our reality is so limited we are unable to see this, and it has been the source of immeasurable pain.  Thinking we could separate from our Source, we created an alternate reality that placed our own creations above all else.  Together we made manifest a world of separation.  How powerful we are to have done this!  Can you imagine that we created this world together?


We made visible what is not true.  And what IS true became invisible to us.  Yet, it is no more up to us to decide what is visible and what is invisible, than it is up to us to decide what reality is.  The definition of reality is God’s not ours.  Source created it and Source knows what it is.  We have forgotten but our Creator has not.  


It is time to remember who we are.  We are not the ego-mind who believes that guilt is real.  Guilt is impossible for God, and so it is impossible for us who are created by God.  The undoing of guilt is why we are here.  Remembering we are as God created us is why we are here. 


Forgive and allow.  Allow and forgive.  Allow that Love just might be the backdrop for everything.   Forgive your misperceptions about yourself.  Accept your own invulnerability.   Love your self.  Be happy with your self.  Be certain about your self. Accept God’s view of you. 


We practice today for 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening.  We practice wordlessly except in the beginning as we introduce our mind to the words of the lesson. 


Take your seat and relax the body.  Center your self in the moment with your breath.  The breath is free, its portable, and it happens naturally.  It is your resource for instant grounding in the moment.  Watch your breath for a while and when you are ready, say in your mind, “I am as God created me.”  Now accept what has been give to you.  You cannot give without receiving.  Extend loving kindness to your self and receive it.


Spend the remainder of your contemplation receiving this lesson and giving your thoughts to Source.  As you give your thoughts to the One Mind, they will come back to you transformed.   Receive the healing of this lesson from your Creator, and then send it back out again.  It will be received.


If your mind wanders, know Source is giving you yet another opportunity to learn forgiveness.  Simply go back to the breath and repeat the lesson.  The healing of mindfulness breathing the return AFTER attention has strayed.  This is the point!  Coming back IS the point!  This is where the experience of knowing occurs.  I wander and I learn I CAN come back.  Straying from the lesson and then returning to it is what builds confidence and resilience.


I am as God created me.  You are as God created you.  We are as God created us.  The day would be well spent remembering this about your self, and everyone you meet.  If you experience even the smallest disturbance, remember the lesson in your mind..  The ego’s path of delusion is well worn.  The new path is truer, and it is real, but it is less well traveled.  Walk upon it often – every hour today if you can.


Much happiness to you, dear reader. 



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