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June 10, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 161

June 10, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 161


A Course in Miracles is adamant that I must look beyond my body, and your body, to know the truth about what we are.  These are not just words.  This idea is not a metaphor for something that might be fundamentally true, but not understandable.  When A Course tells us, “You are not a body. You are free,” it means every single word in the most literal sense.

Consider this:  If you were not body, would you worry about being too fat or too thin?  Would you care whether it is too cold or too hot?  Would you go to a job you didn’t like so you could buy insurance to protect the house that protects your body or the car that drives your body around? Would you worry about your aging body or whether another body might attack yours?  Would you go to war for your body?  You see where I’m going here. 

The body is a symbol of fear created from a mind that believed it could separate from One Mind.  This little mind now has partial vision, a vision that is blinded to the natural condition that created it.  That natural condition is wholeness, connectedness, inter-dependency, unimpeded flow, and perfect safety.  My body, and your body are projections of a separation that is not, and can never be, anything more than an illusion.    

We’ve been practicing with the idea that giving and receiving are one.  In simple mathematical terms this looks like A=B.   And even more complicated, A=B=C=D=E=F, and so on.  Put a body on each letter, and you’ve got it.  Jane=Joe and Joe=Jill and Jill=Sally and Sally=Bob.  There is no difference in the essential quality of each and every person.  We are all One Mind, traveling around in seemingly separate containers that are nothing but imagined wisps we cling to like a life raft.

And so it follows that what I do to you, I do to myself.  Jesus told us this.  The Buddha told us this.  Science is showing us this.  The earth is now showing us this, very graphically.  We can learn it now or later, but learn it we must. 

Today’s lesson is a very practical experience of Atonement (at-one-ment).  Because we see in specificity, we must heal in specificity.  I need to see that one person, one body, is joined with me in a whole.  We need to see a little to learn a lot. 

The challenge of today’s lesson will tell you a lot about your own mind.  Today we experience asking for a blessing from someone we do not like and who we believe does not like us.  Can you see how separation begins in the mind?  Just reading these words may make the mind halt a bit.  But we are ready.  Today’s lesson is:

“Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.”

Again, do not be put off by the term “holy son.”  If you wish to use another term, do so. But remember EVERYTHING IS A HOLY ASPECT OF GOD.  The table, the chair, the dog and the cat, the fish, the tree, the flower – ALL OF THESE ARE HOLY BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL PART OF ONE MIND.  Holy = “whole I.”

To practice, take your seat and get comfortable.  Relax your body and place gentle awareness on the breath.  The breath is your anchor to the moment.  It is a portable centering device you may take with you anywhere.  When you are centered, allow your mind to focus on a person who will be a symbol for all the rest.

Picture this person clearly.  See their body completely; clothing, hair, hands, and face.  Imagine them as you last saw them.  See their gestures as they talk.  See their smile.  Then think of this:  What I am seeing now conceals from me the sight of one who can forgive me of everything.  This is the person who can set me free from every imagined “sin” I’ve made.   This person is a divine seed, part of the One Mind we share together.  Now, slowly and with focused intention, say to this person in your mind, “Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.  I see you with the eyes of Christ, and see my perfect sinlessness in you.”

Now see this person as they truly are beyond the body, a light joined with your light.  Allow their light to merge with yours in a blessing.  Sit with this and allow the blessing to come to you.  It will come if you allow it.  This is your safe escape from anger and fear.  It ends the cycle of defense and attack.  Use it any time today you feel compelled to criticize or judge another – both of which are nothing more than attacks upon your self. 

How does this lesson feel for you?   I’d love to know. 

Receive today.  Give today.  Be at peace today, dear reader.



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