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July 7, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 188

July 7, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 188

“The peace of God is shining in me now.”

Yesterday I attended a presentation about “emotional intelligence” in the work place.  There were many words used to describe “EI”, but basically the concept involves the practice of taking action from a place of peace.   At the end of the presentation everyone pretty much agreed “EI” is in short supply.  It isn’t because we aren’t capable of it.  It’s because we don’t demonstrate it in ourselves or require it from others.  We give out and put up with less than we deserve.  We do not recognize the light within and we fail to see it around us.

Everyone has the light within.  Not a single one of us would be here without it.  But it isn’t perceived with the body’s eyes, which are confused too often as the only tool of sight.  Light is felt with the heart and known with the inner vision of a quiet mind.  The light is what gives us power to hope, to see the goodness in ourselves and in others.  It extends itself into everything because it is a foundation of all Being.  Light is a reflection of the creative Mind and it cannot be contained or withheld.

The light within is known in quiet reflection.  It is for this reason we must begin to demand more time in our day for peace.  We must demand of ourselves, and our environment, more space in which to cultivate our own inner vision.  We cannot perceive the light within unless we unplug from the lights outside.

Bosses who promote meditation and yoga in the workplace see significant increases in productivity and creativity among employees.  This is great and there should be much more of it.   In fact, it should be commonplace.  But inner peace is not about financial gain and should not be confused with it.  Its purpose is to help us perceive a Reality beyond this world, not to extend the illusion.  This is why there will always be those in charge who resist cultivating the inner light of others.   The development of inner vision can ultimately free us of the value system upon which this world operates: hierarchy, authority, scarcity, comparison, limitation, linear time, separate bodies, separate needs, and separate minds. 

The peace of God shines within each one of us, all the time.  That we don’t see it, or feel it, doesn’t mean there is something wrong or missing.  It’s just that we haven’t cultivated our perception of it.  This is not intelligence at work – emotional or otherwise.

We practice cultivating our inner vision in quietness today.  Take your seat and get comfortable.  Scan your body for areas where you’re holding tension and breathe into those areas.  On the out-breath, visualize the tension flowing outward and dissolving into harmless energy.  W hen you are ready, say in your mind, “The peace of God is shining in me now.  Let all things shine upon me in that peace, and let me bless them with the light in me.”  Stay in the present moment as you feel the meaning behind these words.   The peace of God shines NOW.  It does not shine in the future or the past, but in the timeless present moment of each breath.  Breathe in peace and breathe it out.  Focus your mind on the light that flows into your body with each breath and then flows out again, magnified by joining with your light. 

If you experience resistance to this lesson, or if your mind wanders, refocus on the breath and slowly, purposefully, repeat in your mind, “The peace of God.  Is shining in me.  Now.”

Please give yourself time to sit in quiet today.  Allow yourself 15 minutes out of your whole day and connect with your inner light.  If you can sit in the morning hours and again in the evening, all the better. 

Do be mindful today by taking frequent mental breaks.  Look around and go within. Feel the peace that resides there in the quiet space – even as everyone around you may be engaged with other things.  These small moments are all it takes to form a connection with the light. 

Receive today and give today, dear reader.  Cultivate your light as only you can. 



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