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July 5, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 186

July 5, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 186


Today’s lesson may give you pause only because it is a reversal in thinking.  Today we learn that:

“Salvation of the world depends on me.”

An untrained mind might see this statement as arrogant.  A mind with some training might secretly wish to turn and run the other way.  But a trained mind will accept this role with humility, knowing it requires no more effort than to deny the denial of the true Self.  There is true peace in this.

Salvation of the world asks me to remember my function here, and my function is forgiveness.  Forgiveness asks only that I refrain from all judgments that limit love.  Forgiveness asks that I remain neutral in the face of anger and fear.  It asks for openness, that I become the calm watcher of the movie that seemingly unfolds before me day after day, in seemingly linear time. 

It is the true arrogance of ego that tells me I cannot learn the lesson of forgiveness.  Ego would have me remain forever undeveloped, with conflicting goals that confuse and even terrify me.  Ego thrives on vagueness, impermanence, and uncertainty, and wholeheartedly supports the denial of my own divinity.

The ego wants its function to replace the function Source has given me.  It really is this simple.  Ego wants its voice to reign supreme.  Its voice speaks of separation, alienation, judgment, and impermanence.  Source asks us to listen for Its direction, which It gives lovingly and without fail.  We do well to ask, “Which voice is more likely to be right?”

Salvation of the world begins and ends with me and with you because we are One Mind.  My forgiveness supports yours.  Yours supports and nourishes mine.  This is our only glorious function.  What other meaningful role could we play?  I will gladly give up every other function but this one.  It is the only action that leaves all doors open and leaves me all the richer as I give it away.   

Practice today for 15 minutes in a.m. and p.m.  Take your seat and relax the body.  Place your awareness gently on the breath and center yourself in the breath.  Let all tension be released on the outbreath.  When you are ready, say in your mind, “Salvation of the world depends on me.”  Then listen in peace for the Voice which tells you that you have everything, are everything already.  Love yourself, accept yourself and give it away to the world.  Love must give itself away and what is given in Source’s Name takes on the form most useful in this world of form. 

Sit in contemplation.  Watch the breath.  Feel the meaning behind the words of the lesson and know that you are fully capable of the role that is asked of you.  What other role could you want?  It is only humility that accepts this function.  It is only arrogance that would deny it.

Be mindful to day.  As situations arise that challenge, and ask the ego to engage, take a breath before acting.  Remember Who gave your function to you.  There is no punishment is choosing for the ego, but there is far greater peace is choosing loving kindness. 

Rest often today in the sun and warmth.  Much love to you, dear reader.



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