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December 9, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 343

December 9, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 343


There is a subtle but very important difference between watching a feeling of hurt or anger and nursing a grievance.  Being conscious of a feeling, allowing it, and exploring its aspects is an exercise in self-awareness.  But allowing the feeling to grow and take over my thoughts diminishes conscious awareness.  I become the feeling.  I hand my self over to it.  This is a loss of my own freedom.

There is no judgment for not forgiving.  We can take all the time we want. But at some point we have to see the effects of holding grievances.   This is because our thoughts are always projected back to us.  We are our own teachers.  If I teach peace, I feel it.  If I teach judgment, I will feel that too.  If I hold hate, it will be reflected back to me.  It’s just physics:  emotions and thoughts are energy forms and like attracts like.

The ego would have you suffer rather than learn.  It would have you strive for the illusion of victory, a victory that never lasts if it ever comes at all.  The ego would have you believe that forgiveness requires sacrifice of your self- that it makes you weak and liable to be hurt again.  The ego would have you limit the consciousness that sees victory OVER another as a lie which cannot be sustained.

Today’s lesson reverses the ego’s thought system. 

“I am not asked to make a sacrifice

To find the mercy and the peace of God.”


The mercy and peace of God are free.  There is no cost for the self-awareness that knows this truth.  But fear stands at the doorway of self-awareness and it must be confronted to pass through.  What is the fear?  It is quite simply the ego's fear of non-survival.  Do not chastise yourself for your fear but do get to know it intimately.  It cannot withstand the light of truth.

There are no limits of any kind to the mercy and peace of God.  Think of every kindness you would give yourself or another, and it will be the truth of what you are. Imagine the greatest mercy you would bestow, and it is the truth.  Feel within your heart the deepest tenderness and God will be there with all His strength and certainty.   If it is certain for God, it is certain for you. 



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