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December 28, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 362

December 28, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 362


Don’t let anyone tell you this work is easy.  Don’t listen to those who say it is nothing more than a brief escape from ‘reality.’  Try to remember this: the myriad of problems in this world will make every attempt to take precedence over this work.  There are a million ‘problems.’  They are the same problem in different form and they are diversions. 

When you take up this work a thousand detours will appear, each one calling to you. At first, it will seem impossible not to listen.  There will be many times you will be drawn back.  You will ask yourself, “How can I perceive forgiveness in this world?” Over and over you will have the experience of seeing that the past is what hides forgiveness.  And you will realize that time itself is a detour and you will let it go.  Did anyone say this work was easy?  

This work requires courage.  Even the people you love will hold you back, fearing your freedom could mean their loss.  It may take time for you to realize your freedom is theirs.  The thought of forgiveness itself will restrain you - thinking it equates with simple forgetting, or its opposite – that it’s too hard and cannot be sustained at all.   Forgive yourself over and over again.

Do not give up this work.  There will be instances of light, moments of release of the need to control, manage, and worry.  The sudden realization that you can ask for help without guilt, or loss of power, IS powerful itself.  All of these will grow as the work continues.  You will see.  You are creating a path home.  The way has not seen your feet in ages.  Each time you choose the path becomes more clear.

“This holy instant would I give to You.

Be You in charge.  For I would follow You,

Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”


Don’t let anyone tell you this work is easy.  It is the path to freedom.  Trust yourself.  You will know the way.  You are here! You are here! You are here!



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