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December 27, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 361

December 27, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 361


Just about one year ago I made a commitment to myself.  I determined to take this year and write a daily blog on each of the 365 Lessons from the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. I never meant this blog to be anything special but if you have found anything it in, please know I am grateful.  It is not my job or intention to convince anyone of anything.

The last five lessons of the Workbook are simple but their application is not the conclusion, it is only the beginning. 


“This holy instant I would give to You.

Be You in charge.  For I would follow You,

Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”


This holy instant I would give to You.  In this NOW moment I connect with Source, and through this connection, all else as well.  I am the Child of God and shall remain so, independent of all my imaginings otherwise.


Be You in charge.  In every moment I have only two choices:  I can resist it or let it touch me.  Letting it touch me requires trust – not in my self but in Source.  The wealth of this moment is beyond my comprehension but I have come this far and I am here.  I am here to have my experience.  I am here to let this moment touch me and when it does and I allow it, I see what I did not see before.  I begin to know that I do not know and that is the first step toward wisdom.


Certain that Your direction gives me peace.  It is a mistake to believe that my choices are limited by the rules of this world.  The truth is, I never have to choose between anything for I always have everything.  There is no opposite to Source and all paths lead back to It.  My sister is my self.  The planet is my self.  I love them as my self and I know peace.  This is Your direction and my function is to remember it.   Remembering is the only gift I want. 


Go in peace today.  The Child of God is free and totally secure.  Follow your path without reservation.  Stay in the moment.  Be kind to your self.  By now you know, this means being kind to everything.  Notice what happens. 



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