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December 25, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 359

December 25, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 359


Your Christmas gift is in this lesson.  Yesterday we learned “No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered.”  Today we learn what form the answer always takes. 

“God’s answer is some form of peace.  All pain

is healed; all misery replaced with joy.

All prison doors are opened.  And all sin

Is understood as merely a mistake.”


All sin is merely a mistake.  This world was created when we forgot to laugh!

The answer to any problem always begins with forgiving it.  Forgiving a problem, allows the present moment to be as it is, and this is the first step of correction.  

What God created is sinless.  There is no sin.  There is no sin.  There is no sin.  There are merely mistakes of perception:  a fear taken seriously, an instant of belief that lack or scarcity could be real, a moment when vulnerability replaced the surety of eternal mind, that sickness in the body could cause the death of love. 

This day we celebrate the birth of Christ. In truth it is no different than any other day.  But if you can use it to remember who you are, then you have gifted the entire world.  Jesus was born human not to suffer for our sins but to show us we are all like him.  “Timeless truth, I tell you: ‘whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will do also, and he will do greater works than these….”


We are masters of creation, no less than Jesus.  He knew it, why don’t we?  The mastery each of us holds lies within our sinless mind.  When I know my sinlessness, and your sinlessness, something begins to happen, which is the creation of heaven on earth.  When I see with the eyes of Christ it is a new day.  All things are possible!   Today, relinquish all things that obscure love from your sight.  They only stop you from knowing yourself as love.


“On this day I choose to know my worth in love.  On this day I decide to know the worth of all in love, regardless of my previous perceptions.  On this day I know that all are worthy of love, and my sight, my expression affirms this every moment of my waking day. I know that this is so.  I am Word.” –Paul Selig


We have always been blessed.  Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.



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