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December 24, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 358

December 24, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 358

“No call to God can be unheard nor left

Unanswered.  And of this I can be sure:

His answer is the one I really want.”


Would God have left the meaning of the world to our interpretation?  If God had, it HAS no meaning.  The meaning we attach to things is constantly changing, shifting -becoming this and then that.  God does not shift about.  The law of love IS the law and it doesn’t alter for anyone or anything.  This is a joyful thing to know.   Certainty is guaranteed in God’s laws.

God’s laws are simple.  We have spent a year reviewing them.  “Everything I give, I give to myself.”  “There is nothing to fear.”  “Love created me like itself.”  And so on.  Here is one more law: We exist in Mind of God.  Therefore nothing we think, feel, or experience is separate from God.  Or from each other.  The matrix of light carries all to all.  Nothing is left out.   Information is sent instantly. 

You will spend today in a body.  That is pretty much guaranteed.  But your body is not what you are.  Spend some time in quiet today, contemplating this.  It will leave you feeling much more whole, because you will be connecting with the greater part of yourself. 

As you sit in contemplation allow what you need to come forth.  What is it that will give you comfort? What do you most require to feel safe, loved, and secure?  What would complete you, and make you whole?  Try not to use too many words.  Just allow the feeling sense of what you need to come forth. 

As you sit in silence, sing your song of need and then feel the need responded to.  In whatever form you imagine, feel the need being filled.  Again, focus on the feeling rather than words or objects.  A new car is not just a new car; it’s freedom, self-worth, and expansion. If it’s a mortgage payment you need, imagine the money but realize it’s what the mortgage represents: safety and freedom from worry.  Imagine that.  This is the call you are sending out.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths and begin your day KNOWING that your call has been heard.  You do not need to ask again but feel free to imagine your need fulfilled, because it will be.  Now here is the key: Source has heard you but will you hear Source?  You are free to ask for anything but you may not insist on interpreting its fulfillment.  God’s answer may come in a form you do not recognize at first.  But the answer will be there.  Hear it.  See it.  Allow it.  It is yours. 



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