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December 22, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 356

December 22, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 356


The three key words of this lesson take most people into new territory.  It would be helpful to define the key words first and then take on the lesson.  The first word is “sickness” which most people associate with the body.  But A Course teaches this association is a mistake:  all bodily illness stems first from a conflict in the mind that is displaced into the body.    

A “sick” body is an EFFECT of thought.  Remember, thoughts are creative.  They are multi-dimensional energies that affect three-dimensional form.  As chronic thoughts of guilt and fear (thoughts we all share) are experienced within the body, dis-ease logically results.  The body is a neutral thing.  Left alone, it leans toward balance and health.

The second word is “sin.”  What a loaded religious word this is!  Sin has a totally different meaning in A Course.  It is not a crime against God, or a punishable act of any kind.  “Sin” is nothing more than a mistaken belief that we could ever be separate from our Creator.  Sin is an error in thinking and it produces behavior that is also mistaken.  It needs correction in thinking, not eternal damnation.  The belief in “sin” is directly related to bodily sickness.  It is also why we make choices that are bad for each other, the planet, and other living things.  We have forgotten our connection with everything.  The solution isn’t punishment but its opposite: forgiveness.

The third word is “healing.”  Just as all dis-ease begins in the mind, so too does all healing.  Healing is the result of forgiveness, which is simply the acknowledgement of error.  I forgive myself for believing the illusion that I could ever be separate from God, or from you.  I forgive us all for every choice we ever made based on belief in our aloneness.  Healing is the miracle of insight that allows me to know fear is a waste of time.  It is reconnection with spiritual Identity.  It is the beginning of living in Truth, with the knowledge that everything is in the mind – including my body and the world I see. 

So, with that we have our lesson, which is:

“Sickness is but another name for sin.

Healing is but another name for God.

The miracle is thus a call to Him.”


Sickness is the thought I am alone.  Healing is the miracle of insight that allows me to forgive my thought.  When I realize and forgive, it is opens a direct line to Source because my thoughts ARE IN ALIGNMENT TO TRUTH.  Truth calls to truth and replaces every illusion.  The song of Truth is the song of God.  Today, know your sinlessness and sing your song.  It will be an event.  You cannot sing the song of Truth and nothing happens. 



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