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December 19, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 353

December 19, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 353


We add to Source through our experience and whether we know it or not, our experience is always in movement toward happiness. In this upside down mirror of a world, one person’s happiness may not align with another’s because the ego defines happiness as getting solely what it wants.


But what defines real happiness is not for the ego to say. God’s definition of happiness has no losers. “Your function is to add to God’s treasure by creating yours. You cannot find joy except as God does.” God makes no distinctions with joy and God’s joy cannot come at anything else’s expense.


Today’s lesson speaks to using the body for joy. Make no mistake; seen by the ego, this lesson is a direct attack because the ego is completely identified with the body. The idea of attack would have no appeal if we did not believe the body could benefit from it. Take a moment and consider this if you will. The body IS vulnerability and fear in form.


Depression is always the result when we equate ourselves solely with the body. This is the logical outcome of self-limiting thought. When a child of God sees herself and others as bodies only, she is belittling herself. She has cut herself off from her true nature – which is spirit.


There is a purpose for the body in this upside down mirror of a world but it is not what most people think. The sole purpose of the body in this world is to end the very separation that being IN the body PROMOTES. To do this, we must look at the body very, very differently.


The purpose of the body is to communicate unity of mind. Mind cannot be made physical but it can be made manifest through the physical if it uses the body to go beyond itself. This is insight. Mind created the body and mind can join with mind through its creation. But to accomplish this joining, one must look at the spirit in the body and not simply at the body itself. This line of thought is uncommon now but in the future it will be seen as obvious.


Today’s lesson is an exercise in using the physical to go beyond it. The language is a bit obscure but look for the meaning behind the words:

“My eyes, my tongue, my feet today

Have but one purpose; to be given Christ

To use to bless the world with miracles.”


Let me offer two clear examples of how this works. The first was an experience at Maine’s Coastal Botanical Gardens. The folks at the Garden used their eyes, their hands, and their feet to string thousands of lights through trees, across ponds, around topiaries and up the rooftops. As dusk came, and night fell, hundreds of people gathered to walk together through a wonderland of light. It was magical. We all felt it together. One person walking alone would not have had the same experience. Shared, the magic was magnified. How appreciative we all were for those who used their hands, their feet, and their eyes to create that wonderland! And we used ours to appreciate it back to them.


A second example occurred last night. A group of us gathered to celebrate the solstice and someone had generously invited a gifted singer to come and play for us. She had a beautiful voice. Her songs were lovely. But there was more. Someone had brought his harmonica. He accompanied her, softly at first, and then she stepped back and he played a spontaneous solo. I am smiling as I write this. But there was more. Our musician asked us to join her in song and soon the room was awash in sound. Feet tapped in rhythm, hands clapped, voices rose and fell. We shared each song in some way and not one person was left out.


This is how we use our eyes, our tongues, our hands, our feet together to bless the world with miracles. This is how we give in service to each other. Some create the beauty and some partake of it. Then those who partake create and others enjoy. Nothing is ours alone and everything is more when it is shared. This is how we use the body to bless the world. This is how we rise above the limits of aloneness. This is how we add to Source through our experience and know joy as God does.



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