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December 18, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 352

December 18, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 352

The world we have created here on “earth” is an upside down mirror of reality.  I know this is hard to imagine.  Suffice it to say we cannot depend upon this world to tell us what we are.  Actually, we can’t rely on our minds much either. My mind will tell me only that I am an agglomeration of past events that have led me to this point.  I am so, so much more.

Now there is one thing in this upside down mirror of a world that CAN ground me in truth:  the awareness that I am 100% in charge of my own energy.  I get to decide how I want to respond to everything that is in front of me.  And I can also choose to know this:  everything that is in front of me, I have called to me to experience.

But there is one thing I am NOT in charge of, and that is the will of another.  The gift of free will is universal.  Mind of God contains every possible experience.  I do not get to decide which ones are agreeable and which are not.  When I know what I am – which is Spirit – I also know judgment and love are opposites.  I cannot judge where your free will has taken you.

“Judgment and love are opposites.  From one

Come all the sorrows of the world.  But from

The other comes the peace of God Himself.”


What we are is powerful beyond all measures available in this upside down world.  But knowing this doesn’t mean I get to become an outlaw.  It means the opposite.  When I know my own power, I understand that judgment is a concept that has value only to those who believe they are powerless. 

When I rise to meet my Self as Spirit, I cannot carry judgment with me.  What a waste it would be to reach the upper levels of Reality, look around, and say, “I think her thighs are too fat.” 

My job here is not to assume I know.  My job is to follow the rules of Spirit, and they are not the rules of this world.  The rules of Spirit ask me to allow all things, to experience life, even when I don’t know.  The rules of Spirit require me to confront my judgments, see where they are based on fear, and release them.  This is how I know I am not my judgment or my fears.   The game of judgment and fear is so over.  New rules are in play now.  Game on!



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