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December 16, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 350

December 16, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 350


As this Christmas season approaches we are called to remember what miracles are and what forgiveness really is. A miracle is the instant I remember who I am and hold that memory like a light within.


Forgiveness is not ever, for any reason, forgiving someone for something they have “done” to you. How can someone do something to Word of God in form? We are powerful, immutable, and when we remember what we are, we can know what forgiveness truly is.


I have created my life and my circumstances down to every last detail because I am Word of God in form. Nothing that happens TO me has not been created BY me and does not have my approval, because I am Word of God in form. I am asked to sacrifice nothing in my learning of this truth. And everything I forgive is returned to me, and that is how I remember I am whole and free and I am truly Word of God in form.


What I forgive becomes a part of me because forgiveness ends the dream of separation. You are part of me. I am part of you. The whole world IS US. When I forgive you for being afraid and attacking me, I am only forgiving myself for being afraid. The love I share in my forgiveness of you becomes love I share with my self and we are both richer for it. Love extends itself naturally. Seeing this, FEELING this, is a miracle. And it is truer than any hate or fear we can dream up. Nothing is sacrificed in forgiveness except the illusion that I am not you and you are not me.


“Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.

To offer them is remember Him,

And through His memory to save the world.”


When I see with eyes of forgiveness, something begins to happen, which is the creation of heaven on earth. I am remembering my self, our Self, joined above this plane, and in my remembering I draw the plane above to all below. In truth, there is no below. There is no above. There is only seeing the mirror of Love all around NOW.


Miracles are always possible whether or not they may be seen. I accept them today regardless of what others think. I know my thoughts about what may or may not be possible tether me to this world. But the memory of love will not be obscured. It cannot be obscured for it is what I am. I know myself today through what I teach. What I teach is what I tell the world I am. I am a miracle remembering Its Self and this I offer to you.



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