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December 13, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 347

December 13, 2015 Blog
A Course in Miracles: Lesson 347


The abilities we possess here are only shadows of our real strength. Our real strength is known in unity and lovingkindness. Despite our apparent assuredness, no one has really been sure of anything since the illusion of separation was accepted as reality. This is why anger and judgment are always mistakes born of fear.

“Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is
The weapon I would use against myself,
To keep the miracle away from me.”


Miracles are not needed anywhere except here, where the belief in separation requires them. Who would NOT feel angry and judgmental if they thought separation was real? Who would not feel abandoned by God if they believed this world represented the only available truth?


Traditional scripture tells us we were created in the “image” and “likeness” of God. But “image” and “likeness” have been misinterpreted to be OF THE BODY. We were created in Thought, not in form. It is in thought that our reality lies and that our “likeness” to God Is. There IS nothing BUT thought and this is why it is our thoughts about what we are what require correction. 


Anger and judgment are weapons of perception I use against my self to keep the miracles of Oneness away. It is only my self I hurt when I reinforce the illusion of separation. It is only my self I am angry with - for every person I encounter is a reflection of Source, and by Oneness, my self as well.


Today, give all judgment to the One whose Thoughts see the Great Pattern of Existence. What do we know of It? Why insist upon our correctness when we are sure of nothing? 


We cannot come to Source believing aloneness is reality. Aloneness does not resonate with Oneness. Listen today. Take time to be still. Practice self-healing and drop your weapons. There is nothing real that needs their protection. Seeing this is your miracle.



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