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December 11, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 345

December 11, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 345


What is a miracle but a correction of thought?  A miracle is not a slight of hand.  It does not create or change “reality.”  It merely looks on the insanity of the world and sees what is false.  It undoes the error of perception by showing it for what it is. 

This morning I awoke with a sense of knowing that today there is nothing I need do but stand back and experience everything as it is.  No one can steal my peace from me; only I can only give it away.  In as many moments as possible, today I will choose to remember I am free.  What a miracle this thought is!

Everyone is responsible for his or her own moment.  Yet too often I get caught up in others’ reactions to reality and lose myself in theirs.  For me, it is a gift of great proportion to remember yet again that I am free to make my own choice.  Does this sound like separation?  In a way it is, but it is only separating from the dream.  If you are dreaming of fear I cannot dream it with you or we will both be lost.

“I offer only miracles today,

For I would have them be returned to me.”


Each miracle we receive is tailored especially for us.  Mind of God knows all and gives us each the perfect circumstance to learn.  I recognize my miracle and wish you only success in recognizing yours.  It is not my job to see your miracle or point it out for you.  I know that in recognizing my own I open the door for you and this is all that is required.  Peace to all hearts today.  May my peace be yours.

“It is a privilege of high order to be able to think and then act on what you know.” –bell hooks

May you know your self on your journey today.  May you feel your full power as a Child of God.  May you stand firm in your authority to think in freedom and act on what you know.  Many blessings dear reader. 



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