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August 5, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 217

August 5, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 217


The greatest gift is one I give myself, for it is the realization that I am ultimately responsible for my own happiness.   There is such freedom and power in this knowledge!  It means in every circumstance I get to choose.  Do I react out of fear, or do I allow things to unfold?  Do I condemn myself with judgment or do I leave a door open through forgiveness?   It is a game changer to claim this gift.  It unlocks latent powers and makes us vehicles for grace.  I’m still working on this gift to myself.

If you think about it, the knowledge that we create our reality is truly advanced “technology.”  British astrophysicist John Gribbon famously wrote, “Nothing is real until it is observed.” Gribbon wasn’t theorizing, he was expressing a quantum truth.  My observation then, becomes my reality and each and every one of us observes the world from our own unique viewpoint.  There really is no single point of view! 

If I create my own reality, then it only logical that, “It can be but my gratitude I earn.”   Today’s lesson directs us toward the feeling of gratitude that lies in knowing we are free to choose. 

Today’s practice is to notice the choices you make and to be aware of how those choice make you FEEL.  What you are noticing is not just your reaction to events, but your choice of thought – for thought is a choice!  What is the feeling that arises from the choice of your thoughts? Use your heart center here.  Does the choice increase my peace or decrease it?  Does the choice make me feel more connected or less so?  Do I feel good about my choice or is there a sense of loss, however slight?  Notice and feel today.  This is the birth of intuition that goes far beyond the thinking mind.

On the hour, stop what you are doing and take a moment to remember, “ I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  On the half-hour take another moment and remember, “It can be but my gratitude I earn.”  

If you do nothing but this today, it will suffice.  But if you can watch your thoughts and recognize the moments in which you choose peace instead of judgment, then you will have a direct experience of the gratitude within this lesson. This is really the goal: to accept the gift of choice, choose peace, and experience the gratitude that follows.  It is through experience that learning happens.

And give yourself the gift of silent contemplation today.  As you sit in stillness, say yourself, “I am the Holy Son of God.  Nothing can happen to me that is not of my own choice.  And I can know the gratitude that comes from understanding I am free to choose.”   

Many blessings today, dear reader. 



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