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August 30, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 242

August 30, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 242


Today we continue with perception, or more specifically, how we perceive this world.  This world rests on one foundation that is so totally erroneous it is laughable – and yet it goes completely unquestioned.  This is the foundation of separation.  

Perception is a choice.  It is a choice.  Am I saying it is easy to change perception?  Not really.  Change is never easy when one is invested in old behaviors, especially behaviors that have been agreed upon as appropriate and have gone unquestioned lifetime after lifetime.  But it is time now to question old perceptions that say, “She has hurt me, so it’s okay to hurt her back.”  “It’s okay for us to bomb these people because if we I don’t, they will attack us.”  “This person, these people, deserve what they have gotten.“  It’s quite simple really: these perceptions just aren’t working anymore and in truth, they have never worked.

When I hold a vision of forgiveness, I am forgiven.  When I say, “I love the one before me,” I am loving the imperfections I hide deep within myself.  When I choose to perceive my connection with the one in front of me, I heal us both.  And when I practice today’s lesson and give my day to Source, I am giving it to the whole world. 

“This day is God’s.  It is my gift to him.”

The gift we give today is a gift to everyone.  In gifting our mind to Source we release the perception that we lead our lives alone.   From our perception of Wholeness, we see a world whole.  From the perception of perfect strength in Oneness, we find ourselves content. 

On the hour today, release the world and find a moment of contentment.  Look around and consider that everything you see is connected.  Nothing is left out of One Mind.  Form may change; time seems to pass.  But it is all a creation of One Love that has never left its Source.  There is no need to understand the complexities of this world for they are beyond our understanding until Wholeness Itself is understood.  For now, rest in giving the gift of your self to Source.  Nothing more is required.

Receive the gift you give today, dear reader.  Receive yourself released from old perception and healed of separate interests, separate minds, and love withheld.  Withhold nothing and receive it all.



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