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August 27, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 239

August 27, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 239


“The glory of my Father is my own.”

What is compelling, and so different, about A Course in Miracles is its emphasis on the recognition of our own magnificence.  It acknowledges God’s glory but asks us to focus upon it in ourselves, and thereby end the illusion of separation from the radiance that is our Creator.  Only when we accept God’s glory as belonging to the entire world can the illusion of separation be ended.  And the end of illusion is our goal.


This is our task today:  to feel the glory within our selves and see it in each other.  Glory is walking this world, living this life, in the freedom born of assuredness of your true identity.      

On the hour today take a break and go inside your self.  Close your eyes and say, “Yes.  I accept my glory.  I am worthy of it.  I will not deny the obligation to love myself as a creation of God.  I am glory through my love of myself and I allow this love to extend to all that I see before me. The glory of my Creator is my own.”


Take another 15 minutes of silent contemplation for yourself in morning and evening if you can.  Take your seat and relax.  Place gentle awareness on the breath.  When you are ready, say in your mind, “The glory of my Creator is my own.  I accept my glory.  I am worthy of it.  I extend my glory to myself and to all that is before me.”    Feel the power in these words for glory has power in the knowing of itself.   Watch your breath and let the mind open.  Allow all things to rise and fall with the breath.  Give your mind to Source and let It inform you about yourself.  What needs healing?  What is healed?  Who needs forgiveness?  Who is forgiven?  Allow and breathe, allow and breathe.  Go as deeply as you can into the place you share with Source. 

In accepting the truth of what you are, be of good cheer today, dear reader.



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