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August 25, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 237

August 25, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 237


Fall is the air today. The fog is thick. The feeling is anticipatory. Little beads of water hang off the leaves in front of my window. The change is palpable yet mysterious. Something is happening, but what?


In Maine, we know the fall brings winter. And winter is hard. There’s no getting around it. It is cold and dark for too long. But for now, it is lovely to sit here, watching the fog outside my window in the safety of summer air.


If I allow the fall to come without grieving the loss of summer, it is so much easier. I know it does me no good to hang on to one season, or anticipate the arrival of another. Just to be with whatever is, is freedom. Who am I to control the weather or wish it otherwise?


When I wish for summer to last, it is because I value the warmth and sun. My body likes it. And who am I to argue with my body? Yet what I value also brings me loss of peace when it is gone. I see this. I know this. And it is still tough. So I practice each season to let go of summer a little more easily. Sometimes I succeed. Other times…not so much.


Our willingness to let go is made more easily when we trust there is something on the other side of it. But we cannot know what is on the other side until we give in to letting go. What a funny thing that in letting go, we see that there is only freedom on the other side! And freedom is what we wanted all along.


We were created in freedom to be free. What we value can only be confining in the end, for when we fear the loss of what we value, we are no longer free. Only that which does not come and go, but remains with us always, is of value. And there is but one thing that is consistent always – Source and Its creations – which by the way, includes you and me. “Now I would be as God created me.” That is in itself freedom.


Try to notice what you value today and gently imagine letting it go. On the hour, remind yourself of your freedom, “Now I would be as God created me.”


You may find it difficult to imagine loving without valuing. But real love does not value. It IS without change or fluctuation. How wonderful to consider that we were created from Love that never changes over time or with the seasons.


As you sit in silent contemplation, try to imagine what it would feel like if you knew that in any instant of time you could experience anything you might imagine without limit or restriction. THAT IS FREEDOM. AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE CREATED TO DO. Anything you can imagine is yours. But do not value it. Do not need it. Just experience it and allow it to move into something else, and something else, and something else…


“Now I would be as God created me.” There is no circumstance external to ourselves that can control what we do or feel. This recognition is what makes us free.


Happy travels today, dear reader.



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