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August 19, 2015 Blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 231

August 19, 2015 Blog

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 231


What is Salvation? This is the idea behind our next ten daily lessons. For me, the word conjures images of revival tents and “holy rollers” but in its usual way, A Course takes tradition and turns it on its head.


Simply put, Salvation is the undoing of the dream. It is the recognition by every mind that separation from Source has not occurred. Salvation is inevitable because the Law of Love is part of every mind. It is in our DNA. There is no getting away from something that is the underlying state of everything.

Salvation is the end of the dream of illusion. As we awaken to our Self, which we are all doing, the Knowing of Oneness will be among the first things we recognize as Truth. This awakening happens slowly and requires we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings. It takes a willingness to experiment with happiness and discontent. For most of us, it takes being so fed up with things we are driven to make a different choice.


But do not think Salvation is a desperate act. Only the ego knows desperation and it is always the ego that has driven us to the point at which we seek a different choice. The ego would rather we die in ignorance of Love than live in awakening to It. Salvation is the death of the ego and that is why so often, just as we are at the edge of awakening, the ego seeks so desperately to pull us back to sleep.  But the suffering of the ego belies its end.  We must awaken.


Awakening takes willingness. It takes practice to remember to remember. Today’s lesson asks us to hourly remember Source: “Father, I will but to remember you.”  Remember Source by seeing It in the person standing next to you. Remember Source by knowing It is in the dog, the cat, the tree, the air you breathe. “Let me remember you. What else could I desire but the truth about myself?” As often as you can today, take a moment to look around. Everything you see is a creation of the mind and it is all One with you.


The end of the dream begins with a willingness to perceive differently. Today, play with perception.


We all share in the desire to go Home and yet Oneness with Source is already a given. Only the time it takes to remember is ours. What else could you desire today but to know the truth about yourself?


Tomorrow, I will share a dream of butterflies. Until then, I will be remembering you, dear reader.



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