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August 12, 2015 blog A Course in Miracles: Lesson 224

August 12, 2015 blog

A Course in Miracles:  Lesson 224


Today’s lesson is one to dive into and swim around in all day.  It has the feeling of clear, warm water, completely safe and totally welcoming.  Our 224th lesson is:

“God is my Father and He Loves His Son.”


God is neither father nor mother, but is the Source of life.  And ALL things are Sons of God; the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the water kingdom, the kingdom of stones, the kingdom of the wind, the sun and the earth, and all the stars are Sons of God.  There is no end to the Sonship.  It is our true identity and it is so lofty, so guiltless, so without shame or vanity, so free and so wholly good that “Heaven looks to It to give it light.” 


Our true identity is to be the light of the world.  This is the gift of Source and it is the end of illusion.  A Course says of this lesson: “This is the truth. This is reality and only this.  There is no gift but this that can be either given or received.”  You and I are divine essence.  We are totally loved forever.  We are sustained eternally and our beauty spans all the universes in their splendor.  Our domain is everything and everywhere.  Together, we are the field of life. 


On the hour today claim your identity.  Claim it over and over again.  We will not be pushed into the water; we have to make the leap willingly.  Can you believe you are loved to this degree?  Can you let guilt go and trust in your own divinity?  There is no punishment for claiming it, only freedom.  The biggest lie of this world is that we are not the light.  That lie must end now, today. 


On the hour take a just a minute or even less to say in your mind, “God is my Father and He Loves His Son.”  FEEL the vibration of this Knowing.  Allow it to permeate your mind and inform your being.  It is your right to know this about yourself.  Let nothing deny your right to self-knowledge. 


As you sit in silent contemplation today, repeat the lesson in your mind.  Be happy as you pause a while from the world.  Prosper in your awareness of being loved.  Accept the peace of Source.  You are not a body.  You are free.  You are as God created you.  Give yourself the gift of time to swim in the crystal clear, warm waters of divine Love.


Many blessings today, dear reader. 



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